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Is the service Confidential?

Yes, although there are limitations around confidentiality. For further information, please see my Privacy Policy. Please note, confidentiality would never be compromised without your full knowledge.

Can you come to my home to provide counselling?


Counselling is best provided in an environment away from your home. This means that our time together remains free from distraction and it offers a neutral space designed to help you to fully focus on yourself.

How does it work?

We will initially contract for 6 sessions, although there is no obligation to continue to attend if counselling is not working for you for any reason. My approach is to always check how you are coping with the counselling, whether any issues are arising and whether they are able to be resolved. 

How do I pay?

Methods of payment will be discussed during our first session, but you will only pay for the sessions that you attend. I do not charge when you have a holiday, although missed sessions at short notice without prior notification will be chargeable. We will discuss the detail of this during the first session.

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